Hello and happy December to All! I haven’t written in this blog for a while for a bit dear friends. Not that bipolar has not been a struggle for me, for it is  daily challenge…but because I have found other parts of my life a bit more challenging perhaps. Physical challenges one by one have hit me in small and big waves. Nothing life threatening I thanks the Savior, but trying nonetheless.

And as I come up for air from some of them ~ I am thankful to the Lord who sustains me, friends and family who are so faithful in prayer and comfort. The Lord and the Holy Spirit who comforts, brings health and strength and the Lord God who made me who is also my healer!!

What would any of us do without the Lord Jesus who brings us Life Anew each day and the healing blood of His sacrifice on the cross? Without the Father who created us or the Holy Spirit who makes all things new?

As we celebrate his birth in the coming days while some argue about calendar days ~ I like to take the time to reflect and be thankful  for the  grand plan than brought him to us. That transforms and changed this dark world and brought hope, as it does still … and the comfort there is in the remembering!