The Amazing Riley: Companion Dog

Riley Love

Riley Love

I have a confession to make if you haven’t already noticed it. I am not the best mental health blogger. I like to publish my paper daily “Living Above the Madness” at and I feel it does a lot to inform and help. But, personally, when I’m having a rough time, I don’t like to write about it every day. I really don’t like to write about it at all. I force myself to write about it. I like to write about things that uplift the soul.

When was I was down and anxious from August until November I didn’t write in this blog much. Some people thought I was in mourning for my mother. I mentioned in one post that it began that way, but when you’re bipolar what can be a trigger, albeit a serious one, like a death, can quickly spin into a serious depression. And that’s what I had. With anxiety. And I couldn’t climb out of it. I had good moments, but not good days. The best days were spent at my friend Heather’s studio painting. But, it wasn’t enough to pull me out.

What was I wondered? My medications, even adjusted weren’t. I began to research the subject. Therapy was helping, but not enough. I kept bumping into the same thing in my research: Service dogs and companion dogs for depression and anxiety. So many psychiatrists and psychologists and the American Disabilities Association were recognizing their power to help and pull people out of depression and anxiety and help keep them out!

I talked to my psychiatrist. At first I thought a service dog. Just researching the idea made me feel better. My doctor thought a companion dog would do as well. I plan to train Riley to be a recognized companion dog who can go with me more places. She is a smart dog with a good temperament. It will not be difficult.

I searched and searched for the dog for me through They all had their unique stories. I found Riley through PAWS of Western Wisconsin. Her story was heartbreaking, triumphant too ~ and in many ways made her the perfect companion dog for me. We have both suffered. We both love people and we both have big hearts. Riley was rescued by PAWS from a kill shelter in Tennessee. Because she had been marked to die, she didn’t receive her distemper/parvo vaccine. After PAWS rescued her she contracted parvo which is often fatal. The vet clinic in Baldwin, Wisconsin where her foster mom Carrie worked along with Carrie nursed her back to health. The renamed her Riley got her 6 months old, trained her and taught her to love humans not fear them.

Then I came into her life. This affectionate, loving, miracle dog is my companion dog in training. She walks great on a leash, is housebroken, can sit, stay and is a lovey! I am blessed to have her and to say I am no longer depressed is an understatement. I am laughing a deep, from the soul laugh. My anxiety is gone. I am mellow. I am thankful to God for His way of working things out. Having a dog to care for when I love to care for people and pets has helped me. The puppy love has helped me, and the devotion provided by this sweet pup all have helped.

It’s a mystery, but I’ll not question success. There’s papers written on this phenomenon. Some say, you don’t need a dog. A companion animal can be a cat or any type of animal you are drawn to. For me it’s strictly a must love dogs type of bond! 🙂 Thanks God! Thanks for a dear husband helping me train her and thanks for a miracle named Riley!