Not a Good Idea: Falling on Your Head


“Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” ― C.S. Lewis 

I didn’t have depression yet in this photograph.

I was tired. We had traveled up north to see our Uncle Rog for his 98th birthday. I had a mild headache which was a common aftermath of my fall the end of February. I had overcome the terrible dizziness for the most part. It plagued me a bit on the car ride but I was happy once my feet hit unmovable earth once more. It was great to see Uncle Rog, the family and my dear daughter Abby for a weekend. It was later, the next week, that the depression started. It was really bad today.

I could hardly work.

I have a calling job through my business. I set appointments for a nice sales rep out of my home. I don’t want to disappoint him. But I could hardly dial today. I hope tomorrow is better, or rather today. I have stayed up until tomorrow!

I was researching brain injuries online. I sustained one the end of February by falling and hitting my head on the ice. They don’t seem to be too compatible with two of the things that can plague me: migraines and bipolar disorder.

Well the migraines I’ve gotten used to.

Pain I can bear to an extent.

Depression I don’t care for one bit. I will resist it fiercely and am going to. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow and we will come up with an answer. I will not live in a depression for long. I will find a way out. For depression is a nasty, gripping, vise that sucks the life and luster out of life and leaves it colorless, hopeless and unbearable.

I will fight this depression with my will, my doctor’s wisdom and medicine, my faith, the Lord’s love and everything in the arsenal of anti, go-away bipolar disorder I won’t let you win, living above the madness, energy I can muster.

I cannot let the defeatist, “You are worthless” depressive thinking occupy my mind another day and will fight with all that I have in me and at my disposal to get it to stop!

And I ask for your thoughts and prayers as this battle wages. For there are only two ways out of depression and I choose Life!

Thanks, love you, Libby xxxxoo!


6 thoughts on “Not a Good Idea: Falling on Your Head

  1. It does my heart good to meet someone fearless enough to fight bipolar depression like a hellion. And it does my heart better to meet someone who lives beyond it and tell us how it’s done.

    Way to go Libby!


    • Thanks so much, Susan!

      I guess the alternative to fighting like a hellion would be lying down a taking a bit more of this crummy disorder than I care too. I know that God helps me more than anything and without His strength I would not be able to fight. As far as sharing it. Some day that takes more courage than fighting it and I owe that to the many people who have encouraged me to do so and stand behind me when I do like you!



  2. Bipolar runs in my family. Those in my family doing well: hell-cats too, strengthened mainly by their faith in God’s love for them and his amazing grace. I really am behind you Libby. In this ignorant age, we have to bust up the myths. Glad you’re at the helm. Go girl. :=) Susan

    • Suzan, Bipolar tends to run in families. I get it from my mom’s side. Glad those in your family are doing well and AMEN without God’s strength and grace it would be close to impossible to fight like a hell-cat against this disorder. But He is always by our side, and has our back! Thanks I will go! Girl! 🙂

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