You Don’t HAVE To Get Old


You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.
George Burns

I have been getting steadily older all my life. 🙂 But I have tried very hard not to grow old: mentally, physically, emotionally, especially in the way I think about things. I have done my best to embrace new concepts and new technologies. This is not to say I accept all new concepts, sometimes I decide the older ones are better, but I explore them and weigh them on their merits.

This type of thing keeps you young, I believe. As young as my brother who runs Triathalons in his 50’s. I will be 60 next June, so I should know.  I was discussing what I want to do for my birthday with my husband tonight. I really want to go out of town for a social media gathering — or throw myself a big party here in our party room. Finally, my husband was on board for my trip out of town! 🙂 He’s not big on throwing the types of BIG parties I like to. And we’re moving soon before my birthday! Same complex, bigger apartment, we hope.

So June 19-21 I’m going to the Jersey shore to spend my birthday with some friends I have made online: women, intelligent and caring. A few I have met in person. We will be lifetime friends before the long weekend at the beach talking social media is over!

About nine years ago I was told that bi-polar disorder worsens with age. I was adamant that would not happen to me. I refused to believe it. Now the doctors tell me that my case of bi-polar is in remission. Actually, what they are saying is that I am not exhibiting any symptoms. That is true. I take  my medication. I don’t use this as an excuse to go willy nilly off the meds stabilizing my mood! I am ecstatic that I am symptom free. I don’t take it for granted. I know I have to take care of myself. If I don’t get enough sleep, I grab a nap.

I know I am very fortunate. I also believe a positive attitude and good habits have taken me far. Close work with my team too. The big thing happening as a result of it all is that at 59 years old I am taking a full-time job in social media! I can hardly wait to start. I am very fortunate. The CEO of the new company knows of the disorder I have and is very supportive. I have worked with him in the past. The company is going to make a difference in the world and I am going to love the role I will play. I have had my own company and worked my own hours since 1999, so this is a big step.

What makes some people succeed and grow as they get older and others just get old? That is a very complex question. Keep living, loving and interacting. Keep learning, engaging and having fun and my own personal feeling that helps me — dye your hair :)!

Thanks for listening. Enjoy all the stages of your life. There is so much to be learned and enjoyed. Have fun!

@copyright Libby Baker Sweiger