Born to Smile

I was almost asleep and I had to get up to write for a bit. Most of the time when I write, I smile. That hasn’t been the case with this blog. What I’ve been writing about has been difficult to disclose, painful to express. Tonight I am smiling. I am happy. I realize that the long months of depression and ickiness have broken and I have come into the sunshine.

I don’t know why I got hit so hard by the depths of bipolar mood swing this late spring and early summer. Summer is usually my best time. The sunshine outside fills my soul and I coast through the long summer days. It’s true for many of us isn’t it? And those who suffer from bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, even more so.

So why did I suffer so? Why, in fact does someone who loves this world so much, and every happy thing in it even find themselves afflicted with bipolar? The answer quite frankly is: why not? Why not me? Am I so special that I should escape a mental disorder? Many people across the globe suffer, battle daily with these things, why not me?

I have no answer either way, except to say that I love my life, warts and all. I love every breath I take. When I’m miserable and stop being so, it makes me all the more thankful for the good days. So I say, why not me? So many people expect God, or whomever they feel is in charge of their fate, should give them a break. Cut them some slack. Ease up on the suffering quotient.

I’m sorry if I seem flip about this…but look at it this way — There is a bit of wisdom in Matthew 5:45 that says God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust. No matter how wonderful you are or think you are, the rain is going to fall on you baby, so let it come. It will stop someday and the sun will come out again. You will smile.

You were born to smile. Not cry. Smile. I am convinced that suffering is for a season. Sometimes that season seems and is too darn long. But it will end and then it is time to smile. Enjoy the blessing, the life you were born to live and go on from there.

Smile, baby!

@Copyright by Libby Baker Sweiger

Smile, baby!


6 thoughts on “Born to Smile

  1. Libby, you have brought up what I think is one of the most important scriptures for mankind today. It answers all of the usual questions about why, the rain falls on the just and the unjust. It is twofold sometimes rain is a blessing and sometimes a curse. but it falls either way on everyone. Why then is it so often overlooked ? It is the measure of love and understanding. Thank You for the Smile ;^)

    • Tom, you are as supportive as you are profound. I agree that this is an important if overlooked verse. We forget sometimes that the things that are happening to us are happening to many, many more people. Nevertheless, a point I may have missed, our suffering is unique because it is our own. I hope I wasn’t callous. I do care deeply about other people’s suffering or I wouldn’t be writing about my own. Thanks always for your feedback, Tom — you always get me thinking! xx

  2. Absolutely beautifully put, Libby! We always want the “ease” and the “good” of life. But never want the “bad!” So glad you are feeling better. I think you are so wise. When life gives you lemons, make an awesome lemonade stand! Much love to you, my dear friend 🙂

    • Everyone feels as you feel Dawn! No one wants the bad in this life, but it comes. The best we can do when it’s over is to try to be thankful and not bitter. Bitterness destroys the insides of the person who harbors it and hurts everything they touch. It is the wrecker of every joyful smile! Love you my dear friend. You are so right about the lemonade! And I do love the stuff! 🙂

  3. My Lovely, how thrilled I am for you That The SONshine has broken through the gray dark clouds!!! Glory to God/Yah!!! You are so right on in this one, ( Not that you haven’t been in all of your others! ) But we all want to know why we suffer, when we are not as special as anyone else when it comes to this!! I believe God/Yah told Paul through his suffering that HIS grace was enough! He did not chose to heal Paul, & even though I know He can He does not heal all of us!!! I for 1 am so glad He DOSEN’T ! so much I have learned through my illness’ & the beautiful people Yah has put in my life, so much I would not have wanted to miss! I count you as1 of the best blessing Yah has given me & thank Him that our friendship is such that we can be whoever we are with each other…Good, Bad, Beautiful, Ugly,… And that we are Always there for each other, no matter what time it is or what is going on!!!! As I write this from Maui, I am thinking how thrilled I will be to see it right in front of me, right before & after a HUGE HUG!!! Keep fighting the maddness,My brave, dear blessing, & Lovely, You & your SMILE are always in my heart! And I will forever

    • Dear Mare! Yes it is the SONShine that breaks into our hearts! Thank you for your encouraging, faith-filled and loving comment. You are such a wonderful friend! I love you and will be so glad for your return. You are a tremendous blessing in my life and a source of constant uplifting love from God. I am so enriched and blessed by knowing you. Come home soon. I can’t wait to collect on seeing your smiling face and the hug! Love ya!

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